We provide service in english,
portuguese, and spanish
1. Marketing Plan Development
We can get your company from planning to implementation by developing a marketing plan that will fulfill your commercial, strategic, and institutional needs.
6. Fundraising and Development
We work with you on donor development and identifying and obtaining funding sources, including grant resources and proposals.

2. Strategic Planning
We can help you evaluate your business, take advantage of current challenges, and look ahead to develop future prospects for growth and the expansion of your business.
7. Logo and Website Design
We are able to design attractive, market-oriented, and easy-to-use logos that improve the image and visibility of your venture. We brainstorm ideas, design unique templates, and implement commercial and collaborative tools, within your web interface.

3. Office Organization and Set Up
We can turn empty office space into a fully eqquiped and functioning office. We also specialize in virtual or portable work elements to keep your business growing even on-the-go.
8. Project and Event Management
With a special event or project we can assist your business to make sure that everything stays on track while your event takes place or projects launches.

4. Marketing Material Development
We can help you to design and order business cards, envelops, letterheads, brochures, flyers, banners, posters, and create a customized image and message for your business.
9. E-Marketing and Social Media
We can assist your business in online marketing via email campaigns, survey, quizzes, and more. We can set up and help your organization become more visible with the top social forums available in the market (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc).

5. Online Research
We can design and distribute online surveys to your portfolio of clients, vendors, suppliers, donors, collaborators, and volunteers.
10. Team Building and Training
We assist your business to take advantage of a healthy, productive, and diverse workforce.
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